The darkest hour is just before the dawn

The constant toxic daily dissimulation of a proto-fascist and an out of control global pandemic have made recent times the darkest yet of a very dark period.

But, finally, looking at the horizon we can see the first faint streaks of light appearing in the dark skies. The first break in the constant gloom of seeing the worst aspects of our human nature triumph again and again: On November the 3rd, there will be, for the first time, in a very long time, the hope that people will vote, in previously unheard of numbers, to reject hate, fear and lies.

The hope is that a new day will break on a new President. What excites, even more, is that that bright sunrays will burst over Georgia, North Carolina and Texas as a sea of Democrat blue, signalling the start of a paradigm shift in politics that has been forty years in the making.

The last time Texas voted for a Democrat was in 1976. In the elections since the forty years of Texan Republican rule has been accompanied by forty years of market ideology seeping into every pore of the US nation. Increasing inequality as it decreased social cohesion.

After the darkest of hours of the second world war, countries scarred to the bone by war and the temporality of the human condition, so brutally exposed, maintained for forty years consensus-building societies. Underpinning these societies across the world was the noble vision of creating a fairer, just society for all based on the three pillars of education, housing and healthcare. Although, in no means perfect, all boats did rise together in these societies. So much so for this period to be known in retrospect as the “Golden Age of Economics”. The paradigm shift that took place in 1980 has had it’s forty years of control, leaving that noble vision of society hanging by a thread.

It was a natural consequence of “me” culture taking control over a “us” vision that there would be the election of a narcissistic egomaniac as President. And it was also a natural result that when a crisis hit, society would be unable to respond, as, after forty years of demonising and destruction, a depleted government would be unempowered, unable, unwilling and so vilified to be unbelieved by the public for its actions to be effective.

But, today, we hope to see the paradigm-shifting again, with Covid and Climate Change signalling the need for “our” societies again to help each other and rediscover the collective strength of society working together; for our better natures, again, to come to the fore.

The hope is that today the first shards of light of dawn are breaking on a new Golden Age.

Let us hope for hope to be renewed.



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Ranjit Rees-Sidhu

Ranjit Rees-Sidhu


Autodidact specialising in learning from the teaching of others.