How a novel written in 1960 gave me new insight of the politics of today

Life and Fate centred around then Stalingrad now Volgograd Adobe stock/Pavel

I was reading Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman to get away from the constant hum of the present-day news cycle. Set in WWII and centred around the battle of Stalingrad, it is a book that is beautiful and tragic in equal share.

But, halfway through its 853 pages, there…

The one question Moderates must answer is, why this time will be different?

Adobe Stock/By Bethany (Veteran Tent City)

Many reasons can be given as to why Trump rose to power; one of the most accepted is that communities across whole swathes of the US have felt forgotten, not invested in and like they were left to rot as businesses and jobs moved elsewhere.

This rot has happened slowly…

31 Years Ago an Economist gave us a Test to Spot Financial Bubbles, does it apply to Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency bitcoin in a bubble
Adobe Stock/Ed

John Kenneth Galbraith wrote A Short History of Financial Euphoria, 31 years ago. The book highlighted the key characteristics of the financial bubbles, from the Tulips crisis of the 1630s to the Stock Market crash of 1987, the later being a bubble burst that he predicted before the event.


Inheritance is the most significant inhibitor to free markets; you can’t have free markets and unfettered inheritance

inherited wealth and free markets
From Adobe Stock/by iQoncept

The foundation stone of Hayekian Neoliberalism is that free markets, when left unfettered, are better and quicker than any central authority at setting prices, through the god-like invisible hand of the markets.

As societies, we should simply clear the board of all imposed “off-the-board” imbalances, move out the way, and…

Ranjit Rees-Sidhu

Autodidact specialising in learning from the teaching of others.

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